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Family relationships can be complex and sometimes require legal guidance. Our talented and compassionate attorneys can work with you through divorce, child custody matters, and conservatorships to better care for your loved ones.
The Attorneys at Island View Law have the area knowledge, professional experience, advanced skills, and thoughtful personalities to offer our clients the best long-term counsel, planning, and legal services. When your family is in crisis, or you need help with future planning, contact our office in Carpinteria, California, to schedule a FREE initial consultation.

Helping Modern Families in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties

The modern family is much more complex than ever before. Relationships can be tricky, and you often need legal guidance or assistance to navigate problems successfully. Island View Law handles Family Law matters throughout Carpinteria, Mission Canyon, Montecito, Dulah, Summerland, Oxnard, and other surrounding communities throughout Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

Protect Your Rights and Assets

Many couples want to protect their rights and property during a separation or divorce. Prenuptial agreements define each person’s rights to property before entering a marriage relationship. California state law requires each party to have their agreement reviewed by an attorney practicing family law. Similarly, a postnuptial agreement offers protection even after the marriage begins.

Sometimes, problems arise within family relationships that require restraining or protective orders. Domestic violence or other circumstances may compel a person to seek legal protections for their person and property until the issues are resolved. Family Law attorneys can help obtain such legal orders from local courts.

Relational Assistance and Legal Solutions

Separation, divorce, child custody and support, property divisions, and paternity matters are all common Family Law issues. Relationships can become messy and complicated and require legal advice, protection, negotiations, or even litigation. Family Law attorneys know state laws governing these matters and how to help you use the law for relational assistance or legal solutions.

  • Legal separation can provide a cooling-off period for mediation and other solutions.
  • Divorce is sometimes necessary when parties or situations change.
  • Planning for the welfare of any children during and after a divorce requires stable legal guidance.
  • Custody and support agreements can often be fraught with complexities and require seasoned negotiation and legal counsel.
  • Dividing property during divorce proceedings can be messy, and this is frequently a prime area of contention needing legal counsel and representation.
  • Paternity issues can be vexing, and you need an experienced legal advocate to represent your interests.

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Extending Your Family

Adoption, guardianship, and foster care are complicated issues requiring seasoned legal assistance throughout the initial process and beyond where you need a family professional legal services partner for life. Each process is long and challenging, and there are many legal hurdles to overcome:

  • Some types of adoptions require an attorney with international law credentials.
  • Guardianships over minors can encounter enormous obstacles and trigger other legal challenges before you are allowed to proceed.
  • Caring for foster children is a hazardous legal environment, and you need a trusted Family Law attorney to protect yourself and your rights.

Why Trust Island View Law with Sensitive Family Law Matters?

Southern California is filled with attorneys. Why should you trust Island View Law with intimate family problems?

Integrity and Compassion

Island View Law founding attorney Neal Bartlett learned early in life that the right legal assistance with personal family matters can make the difference between solutions and catastrophe. He determined to pursue a legal career helping people by offering real solutions with integrity and compassion. Associate Attorney Jason Knight served as Senior Paralegal to Neal before completing his law degree and entering practice, and he demonstrates this same commitment to personal excellence.

Calm Mediation and Stalwart Representation

Your family and loved ones are closest and know you best, which is why family law matters can be so painful and fraught with pitfalls. A sensitive and knowledgeable attorney can be the perfect third party to provide counsel and mediation for creating effective solutions. They can also be your legal bulwark as they protect your rights and pursue your best interests through litigation when necessary.

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Local Area Connections

The Attorneys at Island View Law are deeply connected to the Carpinteria area and surrounding communities. Serving here for over a decade means we have a solid base of connections and resources to help with complex family matters. Our attorneys often connect clients with other specialists who provide unique resources that help fill gaps or solve problems as part of our overall Family Law service strategy for helping you. We live here, too, and we want to help our community live healthy and happy lives.

Help for Your Family Now and In the Future

Our Attorneys believe in solid, long-term relationships. The nature of the legal matters we handle lends itself to forming solid relationships to serve our clients and their families for generations. Estate planning, trust and probate administration, and family matters like divorce, custody, and conservatorships all have long-term factors where you will need seasoned legal guidance and help.

Island View Law is your professional legal services partner for life – wherever life takes you and your loved ones. Call us today at (805) 576-7693 or complete the contact form to request a FREE initial consultation with one of our talented California attorneys.

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