Trust Administration

Trusts are vital future planning and family security tools that require legal guidance to create and maintain. Our California trust administration services help you confidently secure your best interests now and for the future.
The Attorneys at Island View Law have the area knowledge, professional experience, advanced skills, and thoughtful personalities to offer our clients the best long-term counsel, planning, and legal services. When your family is in crisis, or you need help with future planning, contact our office in Carpinteria, California, to schedule a FREE initial consultation.

Managing Your Future Plans

Employing various types of trusts to secure assets and provide for your family’s future is wise. A critical aspect of creating a trust is selecting a reliable trustee to handle the administrative tasks. Island View Law can help with this and all other aspects of trust administration in California to help you manage your assets and future with wisdom and integrity. We can assist with:

  • Managing trust assets
  • Performing trust audits and reviews
  • Filing annual accounting reports
  • Establishing sub-trusts
  • Assisting with trustee resignations and appointments
  • Advising trustees and beneficiaries
  • Other administrative actions…

Trusts can be complex and confusing, so seek experienced legal counsel from Island View Law in Carpinteria, CA.

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Have You Been Selected as a Trustee in California?

Trust administration is a big job with numerous complex responsibilities. If you have been chosen to administer a trust for a loved one in Santa Barbara or Ventura County, it is an honor that will require much time and care. It is also considered a fiduciary duty, which carries a high standard of integrity. California law specifies numerous fiduciary duties of a trustee to help guide your actions. Does this sound intimidating? Attorney Neal Bartlett is a California State Bar Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trusts, and Probate. This means that Island View Law can provide the help you need on an ongoing basis as your family's professional legal services partner for life.

Managing the trust according to the grantor’s instructions and safeguarding assets for the best interests of the beneficiaries are your prime responsibilities. However, they can entail many tasks you may be unfamiliar with, like monitoring and diversifying assets or taking appropriate actions to safeguard trust assets. Plus, trustees must provide yearly accounting reports to trust beneficiaries. They must also perform and share an accounting when they terminate a trust or if a new trustee is named. Beneficiaries can also request an accounting in writing.

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What If You Suspect Trust Mismanagement?

As a beneficiary, you should receive trust accounting at least yearly. If you suspect trust mismanagement by the appointed trustee, consult with a California Trust Administration Attorney for advice. Sometimes, an official inquiry by an attorney representing a beneficiary is enough to spur the appropriate action and clear any misunderstandings. Your attorney can also review the trust reports you receive for any ambiguities of suspicious data.

If trust funds have been mishandled or misappropriated, you may petition to remove the trustee with the court. A Trust Administration Attorney from Island View Law can create and file such a petition and pursue the necessary actions on your behalf in Santa Barbara or Ventura County.

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Help for Your Family Now and In the Future

Our Attorneys believe in solid, long-term relationships. The nature of the legal matters we handle lends itself to forming solid relationships to serve our clients and their families for generations. Estate planning, trust and probate administration, and family matters like divorce, custody, and conservatorships all have long-term factors where you will need seasoned legal guidance and help.

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